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The King’s Arms is a unique youth provision and if you are a young person between the age of 11-18, then we are likely to have something just for you.

A course that provides young people with strategies that help tackle anxiety.

A support and respite programme for 8-18 year olds. caring for others.

A club for time out to chill, be with friends, have fun and catch-up with Youth Workers.

A club for years 10+

Chat, play, discuss, laugh, play, sit, eat, play.


A weekly club for young people with Autism or Downs Syndrome to enjoy time in a more relaxed environment.

A course designed to support raising young peoples self esteem.

A club specially for years 7, 8 + 9. Group games, activities, chat, The space is yours.

1:1 work where a mentor listens to and supports young people to be their best.

New youth hub coming to Alton - look out