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Living life to the full!

The Kings Arms works because we have a committed combination of staff, dedicated volunteers,

junior leaders and outside partnerships.

Who are the team at The King’s Arms?

Caroline Aeschliman

Operations Manager

I love the buzz of working around young people and have enjoyed every moment of my five years here at The King's Arms. My husband and I live with two of our three adult daughters, and our foster son in a converted barn with our black Labrador Tess.  I’m a family ‘gal’ and also live next door to my mum and dad. I have worked in a sixth form college and in training and development in two different high street banks. I think we have a great team at The King's Arms and I am really looking forward to the exciting times ahead. I love to hear young people come and tell me their ideas and dreams or just share what's going on in their lives, so please come and talk to me.

Here are 3 things you always wanted to know about me:

1. I used to live in London opposite a famous Formula One racing driver

2. I share my birthday with Kylie Minogue

3. I went to America last year and had a wonderful time and didn't get eaten by a bear.

Email: caroline@thekingsarms.org.uk

Ralph Buckingham

Programme Manager -

Mentoring and Inclusion

I joined The King's Arms in April 2013 as the project leader for mentoring and inclusion. I oversee the work we do with the local schools - the mentoring and anger management and self-esteem courses we run, and the inclusion provision. I have previously worked as a teacher, a youth worker, a canoe instructor and a scientist. I have taught in all sorts of schools, including spending five years at an international school in India. I am married, have two boys, two cats and three chickens currently!

Here are 3 things you always wanted to know about me:

1. I love the great outdoors, especially when I can explore it by canoe

2. I enjoy photography and playing the guitar

3. I want to get a British motorcycle licence as I miss the bike I had in India

Email: ralph@thekingsarms.org.uk

Annemarie Woods

Programme Manager -

Open Access Services

If you like sesquipedalian's you will like me and you can be my friend. Actually you can be my friend anyway because I like people. I live in Petersfield and have four children ranging from 11 to 21 years old. I’ve spent over a decade being a stay-at-home mum so working in an office is still a novelty, but then the KA office is no ordinary office….! This year I returned to work in After School, but I have been involved in lots of ‘stuff’ at KA over the past 2 years. I feel that working with young people keeps your sense of discovery alive. I find it inspiring.

Here are 3 things you always wanted to know about me:

1. I like carrots and laughing

2. I have 0 rabbits at the moment

3. I never wear yellow

Email: annemarie@thekingsarms.org.uk

Mandy May

Programme Manager -

Targeted Projects

“Young at heart, older in other places.” This quote about sums me up. I love poetry and quotes, I have just returned from a trip to Stratford upon Avon and can’t wait to try out some of the Shakespeare insults in the office, all in good humour of course. I love my sharpies and have one for every occasion on my desk, if you asked my colleagues they would probably tell you I’m messy, if you asked my kids they would also probably tell you I’m messy, but there is method in my mess and I love my work at KA.  I’ve worked with young people for the last 23 years and not had enough yet, I will help you if I can or find someone who can.

Here are 3 things you always wanted to know about me:

1. I had a goldfish that jumped out of his bowl and went down the back of the kitchen unit, an hour later I rescued him and he was still alive and went on to live another 4 years.

2. I used to appear in Pantomimes, I once played the Goose in Mother Goose and laid a square egg, ouch!

3. I’m messy because I’m very creative.

Email: mandy@thekingsarms.org.uk

Jon Piper

Project Co-ordinator -

Open Access Services

I’m a lot older than I look and I’m probably a bit less mature than I should be.  I do love a checked shirt and glasses.  I’ve lived in Petersfield with my wife since my eldest son was born, 15 years ago, and I’m beginning to get used to living in small town Hampshire, having grown up in dirty north Kent.  I used to work at The King’s Arms back when I was young and fun to be with.  I’m back, now that I’m old and beyond hope.

Here are 3 things you always wanted to know about me:

1. I went to a girls’ school

2. I used to be in a boy band

3. I’m a pro-skater.

(One of these things is not true.)

Email: jon@thekingsarms.org.uk

Ben Stickler

Youth Worker -

Open Access projects

  I started working for The King's Arms in the task force for the hub programmes. I moved to Petersfield to do my DNA placement here and now have joined the staff team. I am energetic and always full of games. I love to play Mario Kart on the Wii and play pool at KA. I spend most of my money on the tuck shop. So far my highlights of youth work here have included cutting up sofas, dressing up as sponge bob and having to dive though a donut!

Here are 3 things you always wanted to know about me:

1. My favourite food is pizza and jelly (Not together obviously, well actually I haven’t tried it so one day maybe…)

2. I play the drums

3. I love playing board games about trains and building Lego

Email: ben@thekingsarms.org.uk

Beth Lacklison

Youth Worker -

Targeted Projects

 I started working at KA supporting the targeted projects (young carers and special needs) in April 2017. I had been a carer for the 4 years before that and have a heart for those in difficult situations. I have a gorgeous daughter called Lottie. Guess her birthday - it was by far my favourite Valentine’s Day. I moved to Petersfield from London when I was 5 years old and have been here ever since; I feel like a Petersfield girl at heart. I am energetic, compassionate and have a 'can do' attitude.

Here are 3 things you have always wanted to know about me:

1. When I was younger I cut all my hair off

2. My favourite meal is steaks with coleslaw

3. I love family games and am always up for sevens or Yahtzee

Email: beth@thekingsarms.org.uk

Clare Pilkington



I moved to Petersfield with my husband in December 2015 and first got involved with The King's Arms during the Level up Summer Camp in 2016. I started volunteering at After School sessions and have also done some mentoring. Since my two sons left home I have missed the fun and energy that young people create, as well as the emotional roller coaster that comes with growing up. I am now proud to be a member of the KA team, working to create a network (Youthlink) of all organisations that work with, coach or support local young people. I'm also compiling a directory of all these services that will be given to every young person in the area.

Here are 3 things you always wanted to know about me:

1. I am rugby mad and support Harlequins and the England team (I actually met Chris Robshaw in the cinema!)

2. I can't go to the seaside without getting wet!

3. The older I get, the more things I want to do ....

Email: Clare@thekingsarms.org.uk